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Who We Are


I would like to introduce you to our company. We provide mold testing and air quality services for south and central Florida. We continue to work with many insurance companies, agencies, and their preferred vendors. We have industry experience on over 9,000 claims and understand what it takes to help ensure a smooth claim process. 

Customer service comes first. Everybody wants to see progress. We offer the quickest standard turnaround in the industry. Guaranteed protocols within 2 business days of site inspection, usually sooner, to keep help everyone on a quick path to success. Clearance tests results are almost always same day.

Communication is key. We explain every process and  help everyone involved with the project exactly what needs to happen. We are always available for additional clarification on projects for any questions that may arise. We work hand in hand with vendors, contractors, remediators, etc. to help ensure everything runs smoothly and avoidable delays are kept to a minimum for you!



Mold Protocols


We thoroughly inspect your property and develop a detailed plan to be used in order to remediate your property and get you back to normal.

Clearance Testing


We inspect your property after the remediation has taken place to help ensure  everything was done properly and reconstruction can commence.

Peace of Mind


Sometimes you just have to know that you and your family are living in the safest environment possible!


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